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HiFields Festival Accommodation Retreat

Conveniently situated just 3 miles from the HiFields festival at Dullingham Polo Field, Petra Healing offers you a unique bed, breakfast and day retreat.


Saturday 8th July

Join me at my home at Petra Healing on Saturday morning to settle in. Have a late breakfast or early lunch then head off to the HiFields festival at Dullingham Polo Field and have fun!

I’ll see you again the early hours before you drop into your beds to sleep!

Sunday 9th July

Arise when you feel like it, midday or early afternoon, to a selection of detoxing veggie/fruit juices, platters of fruit and a light breakfast of eggs, tomatoes, spinach and breads plus herbal fruit teas and a good old cuppa.

Following breakfast/brunch, there will a grounding gentle walk in the woods to bring you back to earth. On our return, you will be able to lay down and relax inside or outside (subject to the weather) to be treated to the sounds of the Solfeggio sacred sound forks.

On our return, you will be able to lay down and relax inside or outside (subject to the weather) to be treated to a sound bath with the Solfeggio sacred sound forks.

Enjoy a sound bath for your mind, body and spirit.  Relax in the gentle sounds as you drift off into a deep sonic meditative like state, leaving the chatterbox of your mind and becoming rested and connected with the sounds.

These vibrational frequencies work on your meridian and chakra systems within your body, unblocking areas and raising your vibrational frequencies which can leave you feeling uplifted.  Be blessed with a sense of stillness and allow the sacred sound of the Solfeggio sound forks to bring you back into balance.

After the relaxing and balancing sound bath, you will be left to just chill for a while. You’ll be offered more drinks before you head off home.


Bedroom 1

1 King size bed plus optional zed bed (2-3 people)

Bedroom 1 Petra Healing bed and breakfast near Newmarket

Bedroom 1: Kingsize bed

Also Note

There is 1 shared family bathroom between the rooms.

No smoking inside the house, please.

Burt sound healing at Petra Healing SuffolkBurt is my Jack Russell. He is very friendly and loves a cuddle or to sit on your lap. Sometimes he wants to sleep on your bed so you really have to like dogs if you stay with me! He is not yappy – only if the odd car goes past or somebody calls.

Bedroom 2

1 single bed plus 1 optional zed bed. (1-2 people)

Bedroom 2 - Bed and Breakfast and retreat day at Petra Healing

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