Review for Distance Healing

I met Lyndsay Potter at a Mind, Body and Spirit Fair Dec 2017. I won the raffle we agreed to have a healing session for my dog Kysha one evening and I was amazed at what she found. Half way through the session she contacted me saying she had an urge to have to go to the toilet to have a wee and that if I wanted to let Kysha out to do so. She sent this text at the exact time Kysha had been let out to do a big long wee!!

Lyndsay also mentioned that her tummy was rumbling and that Kysha’s tummy may start to rumble and that she may also want to pass wind. Well, Lyndsay did not know that Kysha had not eaten for 2 days.

Lyndsay also mentioned that Kysha may have cold paws, Kysha had been paddling in an icy sea as we were away in Scotland. Also, the floor of our motor home does not have carpet and is quite cold. If you look at having cold feet in a psychological way, she is quite a nervous dog so yes, having “cold feet” resonates with her.

Lyndsay also mentioned Kysha had a muzzle on that was too tight. Kysha wears a halti and I found it to be tight on her where her winter coat had come through and I hadn’t adjusted it. Lyndsay knew nothing about her wearing a halti.

There were a couple of things to do with her when she was a puppy that I was not sure of which may have happened before we got Kysha and Lyndsay will look into this with further sessions.

I must say I was very impressed with Lyndsay’s session considering she knew nothing about my Kysha. I highly recommend anyone to use Lyndsay’s sessions as an alternative for your pets. She uses a combination of reiki, sound therapy using tuning forks and animal communication. This session was done distantly.