Review for Distance Healing

I would like to endorse the wonderful power of healing that Lyndsay has within her.

I was suffering badly with damaged and torn ligaments in my left knee, and because I already suffer from Psoriatic Spondylo-arthritis, the grinding bone on bone searing, tearing pain was more than I could bear…….despite a heavy load of painkillers. I contacted Lyndsay out of sheer desperation.

I will admit that I was almost suicidal….all that I could think of was the pain. Lynds had performed a minor miracle nearly 3 years ago giving me long distance reiki for enthesitis in my foot (inflamed and torn tendons), because I needed to be on my feet for my neices wedding. I was sceptical, as I live in Australia, and Lynds is there in the U.K. Well, it worked 3 years ago, and again this time…..I am not pain free, but I can move around without impediment, I am using less than half of the pain relief I was using until Lynds did her sound therapy, and that screaming tearing pain has been replaced by pain that is telling me to stop doing what I am doing… cleaning the house from top to bottom.

Lynds has helped me now on more than a couple of occasions, and as a cancer survivor, and with a very complex medical and surgical portfolio, that is a heck of a lot more than most medical practitioners.

I trust Lynds implicitly. She is my little miracle.xx