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Lyndsay Potter and Burt Petra Healing

Lyndsay and Burt

Hi, I’m Lyndsay Potter – Reiki Practitioner, Sound Therapist Ambassador, animal communicator and founder of Petra Healing.

My journey to this point, empowering others to reclaim their health and well-being through natural therapies has been a long one.  I’m sharing my story with you so you get to know me better.  Who knows, it may inspire you to make some life changes too!

A passion to help

I have always wanted to help people and so in my youth I took a position as a Dental Nurse at Liverpool Dental Hospital 35 years ago.  On qualifying I wanted to help people who were HIV positive and so I was the appointed Dental Nurse to assist the dentist.

Not happy with that, in 1981 I decided to see how the Americans did it.  After two years of fund raising I got a 3 month sabbatical from the dental hospital and off I went, wow what a trip!

On my return, I lectured about my findings and tried to make changes in policies without much success. A year later I moved on to be a medical rep selling rubber gloves to dental distributors and four years later became a wound care representative.

A bit of a tom boy!

Lyndsay Potter bikerI got a motorbike licence when I was 17 and just loved it. In fact, I was a bit of a tom boy in my youth!

Fast forward some 25 plus years I got back into motorbikes when I met David, my boyfriend. I already had one but quickly he helped me get a better one!

We had amazing adventures together travelling all over Europe – Germany, Switzerland, Austria and also Spain, going to many of the European motorbike circuits to watch bike racing. After David died I had lost the heart to carry on and sadly circumstances were that I had to sell all of my bikes.

Sometimes life throws challenges at us and it’s how we deal with them that can enlighten our minds to different opportunities.

From Truck Driver…

During my medical rep years, covering the whole of the UK on the motorway networks I became fascinated with HGV trucks. So much so, I decide to take the licence just to say I have got one not realising that 3 years later – driving trucks about 8 times a year, I had become disillusioned with pharmaceutical industry and swapped the medical rep high heels for steel caps boots and a high viz jacket!

From truck driver to holistic therapistOver the 19 years I drove trucks I experienced:

  • The joys of working in motor racing, driving all round Europe hauling racing cars
  • Working for MG driving the hospitality unit and driving to Le Mans the famous 24 hour race
  • Driving a British truck from Georgia, Atlanta to Monterey on the West Coast of the USA
  • Hauling frozen chicken round Holland and the UK
  • Driving on nights and watching the dawn rising.

To some of the more challenging moments were:

  • Working three 15 hour shifts and 2 thirteen hour shifts (yes it was legal)
  • Miserable nights on a windswept airfield having to load the back of a trailer as the curtain sides blew around me
  • Unloading frozen fish in a refrigerated trailer at -25 degrees
  • Getting soaking wet unloading/loading and changing trailers in the pitch black

These are to name but a few of the things which were not good about driving.

Within this time of solitude, while driving I became interested in holistic therapies.

…To Holistic Therapies

I attended many courses, fairs and got to know more about several healing modalities.  In 2005 I achieved Reiki 1 and in 2012 qualified as a Reiki Practitioner for humans and Animals Magic Healing for animals.

I used these new found skills to offer sessions to humans and animals.  Over time as my spiritual path advanced it became clear that my communication path with animals was opening up.  I went attended several courses on animal communication.

My Jack Russell Terrier, Fred passed away in 2010 and that night he sent me the vision of “Fred’s’ Place” cafe/shop/groomers/training and education centre and a holistic therapies centre for dogs.  It’s an ongoing process.

In 2012, the sacred sounds called out to me. Over that two year period I had three or four conversations with sound therapy teachers but the timings were not right for me. I watched from a distance.

Finding My Way Through Loss…

David in France

My boyfriend of 10 years, David

In June 2014 my truck driving boyfriend of ten years dropped dead of a heart attack.  His death knocked me sideways and put me in a very dark place. I was also a HGV driver until the day he died, but the shock created a lot of mental health problems.

Through the pain came a Facebook page called The Holistic Truck Driver where I post healthier food options and links to other health pages.  It has helped me to honour David’s life by hopefully helping other truck drivers lives.

To Tuning Forks…

September 2014,  I took a leap of faith and booked my Tuning Fork Course course completing a distance learning course. In March 2015 I went on a five day intensive sound therapist course, which gave me a much better understanding of the forks.

It was an amazing way to learn about the forks direct, more than I could possibly experience from home study.  Learning more, I qualified as a sound ambassador in July.

The sounds are truly beautiful and fascinating and are helping people with a whole range of physical, mental and emotional problems.  It brings me great joy to share them with you.

I am enjoying my path from being an HGV driver to being a holistic health practitioner.  Healing resonates close with my heart and spiritual path, using the modalities of reiki, healing, animal communication and being a sound ambassador.

With changes to my home at Six Mile Bottom , I am offering relaxing sound therapies, sound workshops, group sound baths, day retreats, and bed and breakfast so that people can enjoy stepping in the beautiful Suffolk countryside, woodland walks, and soaking up its nurturing energies.

All of this could not be possible without the love of my boyfriend David, in spirit.