Tuning Fork Therapy Testimonials

People from all walks of life find the vibrational energy of the tuning forks help them physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.  The experience is unique to each individual.

I do not offer medical advice or diagnosis.  Energy healing by reiki or the tuning forks is a complimentary therapy.  You should always seek the opinion of a medical professional if you are unwell and never stop taking recommended medications without the advice of your doctor.

If you have used my services, I would really appreciate your feedback.


Reiki distance healing on animals and communication

I had been approached by a lady who had been very distressed as her rottweiler had collapsed with a high temperature.  She had managed to get him to a vet but the outcomes of his treatment had been that there was no particular reason for his collapse. He was treated and sent home.

The lady (JP) was very upset and wanted me to send reiki and communicate with Reece. I did a communication with him to see if I could support the vet with their work and help in anyway. I did a distant healing scan using reiki.  I was drawn to the shoulder areas and I felt he had some kind of problem with his shoulder, so my reiki/healing was sent to this area. I had no direct communication with Reece just the feeling something was not right with his shoulder, perhaps a thorn from the garden or a cat scratch.  I passed this information onto JP, this was her reply:

JP: Think I’ve found the cause you were sooooo close it’s his right elbow!!!! It’s really hot and soaked from him licking it. Once you’d given me an area to focus on it didn’t take long to find it. Waiting for the vet to call and fingers crossed she’ll be able to get him back on his feet.  Thanks again Lyndsay I owe you big time xxx
When Lyndsay says look for a scratch then I know I have to.

It came to light that perhaps the cat had scratched Reece.

I have carried out several distant reiki sessions with Reece and these are some of the things that came up in conversation.

Lyndsay: Ok I have just tried to communicate first with him and asked what he liked to eat. Errr, I got Chinese, Doritos and spaghetti?!!!

JP: Omg I’m creased up! He loves us having Chinese because he’s obsessed with prawn crackers. He gets 2 and that’s HIS Chinese.  Doritos is what his past owner gave him but I don’t allow that amount of salt and he’s partial to pasta… haha that’s awesome, that’s just brilliant!

Lyndsay: Does s Reece eat his poo or the cats?

JP: I’m still pondering on the dog poo thing lol wonder if he’s meaning he hasn’t eaten poo but his tummy hurt relaying a conversation I had with my partner? Do you know I have no idea how you do this but you’re always so accurate – even if it’s something I’ve discussed around Reece.  It makes me laugh when you come out with such random stuff that makes perfect sense to me. I’m like OMG how does she do that?

Ok it’s funny in the sense that you were so right.  He was trying to tell you, but I didn’t make the connection until yesterday.  Eating poo/ bad tummy!! He wasn’t kidding Lyndsay I’ve been feeding him nature diet wet food for quite some time now and buying it from our local pet shop. He’s been a bit iffy with his food since he was poorly the other week so I changed to a different brand and he’s been fine. I had 2 nature diets left so last night I opened one.  He sniffed at it and walked away then I looked at the date on them… 4 MONTHS out of date!!

So it looks like he was trying to tell you my food is shit tell mum to check it!! I’m going in to the pet shop in a bit to get it sorted. Not at all funny that it made him very ill but I thought “Lyndsay was right again!”

Distant Healing With Tuning Forks on a Cat

This lady has a wonderful little cat called Zuki and she contacted me to ask about sending reiki/ animal communication as his kidneys were failing.

I had given reiki to Zuki but felt that I would start to use the sacred sounds of the Solfeggio forks distantly.  In particularly, one fork used for healing the 528 fork.  I gave Zuki a few sessions with the fork along with others.
I am very happy with the outcome for Zuki and here are her words.

JP: Now on to little Zuki!! You’ve worked wonders with him, he’s doing great, his creatinine levels have dropped and even his thyroid results are the lowest they’ve been in 2 years so his medication can be reduced which in turn is better for his kidneys…

I firmly believe it’s a combination of the vets sorting his urine infection and your healing that’s done that!!
Somehow he’s managed to bounce back and he even has the vets confused lol At the moment he’s packing away his grub gaining weight fast and is absolutely fine.

I’m so pleased but completely gobsmacked and bewildered.

I spoke to the vet who did his scan this morning and his exact words were, “There’s no medical explanation, I did the scan myself and was upset to find his kidneys was massively enlarged and a tumour is all it can be now. We’re as blown away as you are” then he chuckled and said “he’s a walking miracle”  The x-rays showed no tumour!!

I’m over the moon he’s staying a while longer but oh my days! All that worry and then he’s strutting his stuff just like he always did… I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Zuks just amazes me lol I still can’t believe he’s bounced back like he has. The vet says he has an enlarged kidney… 2 grand and loads of sleepless nights worrying myself sick and now he’s absolutely fine. His Auntie Lyndsay got him through that I reckon xxx

I do not provide diagnosis or advise of treatment for any medical condition.  Healing is not intended to be a replacement to seeking qualified medical advice from your doctor.  If owners have concerns for their animals’ health I always insist they see a Vet before any energy healing is provided.