I’m really excited to announce 8 new dates for my Nature Nurture Day Retreat here in the beautiful Suffolk countryside.  The Nature Nurture Day Retreat is designed for you to relax, release energy blockages and reconnect with your amazing self with the aid of the sacred sounds of the tuning forks.

Petra Healing Day Retreat dates in Suffolk

Day Retreat Itinerary

While there is structure to the day, timings are approximate as it will depend on feedback from the group.  The day is intended to be relaxing, so you won’t be rushed or raced through the day!

NOTE: Burt my Jack Russell will be present during the day.  He is very friendly and really enjoys the sound healing sessions.

9.30am Arrive for a 10am start.
Informal introductions and get to know you.

10am Shakes/Juices taster session
You’ll start the retreat day in the kitchen with the opportunity to create and try a range of healthy veg and fruit shakes and juices to nourish your body and set you up for the day to come.

using the healing forks on Nature Nurture Day Retreats in Suffolk

Your first tuning fork sound session of the day will be in the woods.

11am Woodland Walk
A guided mindfull woodland walk where you will have the opportunity to be inspired by the sights, sounds and smells of nature.

During the walk, you’ll be introduced to the tuning forks.  Together we will stand or sit in a circle with our eyes closed whilst I use the sound forks to help you relax and reconnect with your inner self.

12.30 Lunch
Head back to a home-made seasonal lunch. All food will be sound infused and made with much love to share with you.  Weather depending, you can sit outside and enjoy the sounds of the countryside and the water feature in the courtyard.

14.15 Nurture afternoon
Look forward to a body and spirit re-energising afternoon in the garden around the chiminea or in the lounge with a log fire.  You’ll have the opportunity to try out and discuss some organic products before being invited to take part a gentle group meditation and seated sound bath.

I will work with the ancient sounds of the Solfeggio forks, particularly using the 528 Universal love, miracles and transformation fork which can bring about great peace.  This tuning fork is an aid for you to have a deeper meaningful spiritual experience.

16.30 Drift away

A peek into the courtyard at Petra Healing

Suffolk Day Retreat Dates

Sunday 28th August 2016
Monday 29th August 2016
Saturday 3rd September 2016
Sunday 4th September 2016
Saturday 17th September 2016
Sunday 18th September 2016
Saturday 24th September 2016
Sunday 25th September 2016

Day Retreat Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Please bring appropriate shoes and clothing for a walk in the woods.  Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee the great British weather – so shower proofs are recommended!

The house has a no shoes policy, bring along your slippers or thick socks for in the lounge.

There is plenty of seating and cushions for relaxing on during the meditation and sound bath.  If you prefer, bring along your own cushion or yoga mat.

I have special dietary requirements, do you cater for me?

Breakfast shakes/juices and lunch are provided.  Do let me know in advance if you have any food allergies or special dietary requirements.

I’m petrified of dogs!

Burt loves joining in the sound healing sessions, he’s very friendly.  However, I can arrange dates without Burt being present.  Please contact me to arrange dates.

Where are you based?

Petra Healing is based in Six Mile Bottom, just outside Newmarket in Suffolk.

How to Book Your Day Retreat

Tickets are available securely online through Eventbrite