Change Through Healthy Food and Sound Healing

Today I made a healthy shake of yoghurt, passion fruit, oat milk, banana and chia seeds, it’s so easy to do! I make so many different types of shakes for breakfast instead of toast or a fried breakfast and yes McDonalds, which I used to eat at least 4 times a week when I was a HGV driver. It all used to sit in my stomach and made me feel very sluggish, tired and sometimes a bit queasy.

Preparing breakfast shakes at Petra Healing, Suffolk

I use my sound forks to infuse all my foods now so that the vibrational energy of sound is within me, via the food, healing, nurturing, and bringing about wonderful natural changes in my body.  It’s just one way of using sound therapy to assist me on my health, mind, body, and soul journey.

It’s truly amazing how my food habits are changing for the better and I am not craving carbs as much. I have been juicing and making shakes for over 18 months, along with eating more veggie/vegan dishes and reduced eating meat and carbs such as potatoes, bread, and pasta.

It’s been a slow, gentle process.

What made me change?

The death of my wonderful boyfriend who dropped down dead of a heart attack aged only 50.  Life changing in every single way.  Perhaps more on his death and my transition can be discussed on a Nature Nurture Day if you want to hear more about my journey.

Do you want to change?

Tired of feeling tired?

Not sure how to change?

That’s how I felt! 

Nature and Nurture Days – Re-Treat Yourself

Let me help you to find that healthier and a more energized person inside of you. Nature and Nurture days show you how to make changes slowly by making different shakes and veggie juices and introducing them into your food routines.

Back to Nature

using the healing forks on Nature Nurture Retreat days in SuffolkWe then venture outside for a back to nature woodland walk, perhaps as a quiet mindfulness walk? Watching the birds, woodpeckers, tits, a buzzard. See the colours of the leaves on trees, smell the rich woody earth and feel textures beneath our feet.

Maybe we’ll stand in a circle with our eyes closed whilst I use the sound forks.  Can you feel the vibrations within you as I sound them stood in the middle of the circle?

This session uses your senses of smell, imagination supported by nature, perhaps a breeze, gentle rain.

Petra Healing is based in the gorgeous countryside, surrounded by arable land and woodland just outside Newmarket in Suffolk.

Once back inside it’s a home made lunch perhaps of soup, crackers, couscous, roasted vegetables.  That’s just a small example of what’s on offer.  All food will be sound infused and made with much love to share with you all.

Photo slideshow: Sound Infused Shakes, Kefir, and Food. Lunch at Petra Healing

Moving on from lunch we’ll settle for a gentle meditation and a seated sound bath, perhaps in front of a roaring fire, nature at work!

Ancient and Sacred Sounds of Solfeggio Forks

I will be working with the Solfeggio forks, the ancient sounds, using the 528 Universal love miracles and transformation fork which can bring about great peace.  It is also known as a healing fork and can bring about changes in the cells of your body to bring them back into their original state. The 528 fork can also be an aid for you to have a deeper meaningful spiritual experience.

Petra Healing welcomes you to experience this Nature and Nurture Day, what can also be classed as your own personal Re-Treat day!

You retreating back to nature and nurturing yourself in healthier foods, walking in woods and bathing in healing sounds.  Leave Petra Healing feeling calm and chilled out after a gentle meditation, infused with the vibrational essences of sound, along with the information you need to start your own health journey.

Nature and Nurture Days Cost

The cost is £55 per person with a max of 5 people per day.
Please bring appropriate footwear (wellington boots) and waterproof clothing, to stay and dry and warm. Also please bring your slippers/or warm socks there is a shoes off policy.

Nature and Nurture Days Itinerary
1030 Arrive at Petra Healing near Newmarket, Suffolk for 1100 start
1100 Kitchen activities, shakes, juices, discussion, tastings
1230 Woodland walk
1330 Lunch
1430 Meditation and sound bath, approx 1 hour then free to rest, chat, relax.
1600 Drift away

The day is very informal the timings may alter subject to how we all feel or weather constraints. However, we will go out in the rain so bring your umbrellas too!

Burt sound healing at Petra Healing Suffolk

Burt enjoys sound healing sessions

Please be aware that I have a Jack Russell who may be with us. He is very friendly and participates in the sound healing. He may resonate with particular people and want to sit on their laps to possibly ask for healing or to give healing to that individual.

I will also have available to purchase a range of sound infused products that I have made from herbal oils for the kitchen, aromatic bath salts and my sound infused frozen soups and shakes.

I’m still finalising individual dates and also creating workshops for fermented foods and Kefir making days! Please register your interest or enquire about group bookings at

Many Thanks